Sarah Baddeley

Manager, Consulting
Auckland Office

A tested leader and a trusted adviser to senior decision-makers, Sarah quickly gets to grips with issues, frames them in strategic terms, and communicates them clearly

Sarah is an experienced adviser to senior managers, chief executives, board members and government ministers in both New Zealand and Australia. Her breadth of sector experience makes her highly versatile, with expertise in economic policy, housing, employment and skills, transport, energy, and health and social services.

Sarah combines high-quality analytical skills with a strong set of strategy-shaping, problem-solving and communication skills. She draws on her wide analytical experience across sectors to highlight linkages between areas and incorporate those insights into organisational thinking and change.

Before joining MartinJenkins Sarah held a senior leadership role in the health sector and was Director Auckland for the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. With this background, she is experienced in engaging with Māori and Pacific communities. She has also held executive roles in the energy sector in New Zealand and Australia. Sarah spent her formative years at the New Zealand Treasury, including a period as Economic Advisor to the Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister.

These are some examples of Sarah’s work:

  • Chief Advisor to the largest and most complex State Sector Act Inquiry ever commissioned – this examined the activities and conduct of 131 government agencies and their use of external security consultants.

  • Independent review of a technical service function in a large organisation – Sarah provided advice on options to improve efficiency and effectiveness through alternative delivery models.

  • Established a performance measurement framework for a large organisation, using four domains of wellbeing – Economic, Environmental, Social and Human capitals.