Dan Love

Business Consulting
Auckland office

An internationally experienced executive and consultant, Dan has worked for large multinational, market-leading organisations in the UK and Australasia across many sectors – including fast-moving consumer goods, small and medium-sized enterprises, financial services, professional services, logistics, healthcare, and international commodities

Dan has a record of executive leadership and consulting across some of New Zealand’s pre-eminent brands and organisations, in both the private and public sector. His expertise and passion lies in developing organisations’ capacity and capability to deliver on both their strategic goals and their cultural values.

Dan’s impressive record and skillset includes:

  • Commercial leadership delivering greater performance for successful organisations 

  • Advanced expertise in driving the strategic direction of businesses and transforming their performance, capability and culture

  • A track record of enabling performance and capability in others

  • Deep experience as a general manager, people & culture director, and management consultant

  • Success in developing and managing technology implementation and digital strategies

  • Leadership of major transformation projects, including business strategy, premises developments, digital transformation, enterprise resource planning, cultural change, and integrations, restructurings and mergers & acquisitions.

In the last 20 years Dan has supported some of the most successful, creative and innovative companies throughout the UK and Australasia, working collaboratively alongside their leaders. He enables leaders to inspire and lift their organisations through helping them understand how to link performance with strategy, culture and leadership.

Dan’s experience as a senior executive and in working with boards for over 15 years also gives him a strong understanding of the key challenges facing business leaders and the environments in which they work. This business perspective allows him to deliver real commercial insight and value to MartinJenkins’ clients.

Dan brings a clear-eyed, pragmatic approach to working with organisations. He is able to align key theories, models and the latest thinking in business, combine them with his commercial experience, and then help leaders apply this thinking to improve performance.

Dan’s highly personable, honest and direct style creates relationships that are built on trust and personal insight. He works in partnership with clients to ensure they have the support and information they need to be able to deliver on their ambition. 

Examples of Dan’s work:

  • Business transformations and change leadership
    Dan has implemented a number of large multinational change programmes, including corporate restructurings across Europe and Australasia, and within New Zealand. He uses well-developed methodologies to implement long-term strategic changes to business performance, culture and capability. He has extensive experience across a number of business units in resetting vision, purpose, strategy, goals, capability, culture and leadership. Recently Dan has helped blue-chip organisations modernise their workplace strategies, including their technologies and their physical environment.

  • General management
    Over the past 10 years, Dan has worked in commercial executive teams across some leading global organisations. He has led teams, projects and businesses in a variety of functions and sectors, including property development, franchise business, health and safety, business process management, change management, category leadership, HR and mergers & acquisitions. This includes leading successful multi-national projects.

  • Development and delivery of HR strategy
    Dan has developed a methodology for leading executive teams and human resources functions to deliver HR strategies that lift performance. His tools and structures allow organisations to develop the capability, performance and cultures they need and that align with their business imperatives. Dan can point to significant financial and broader commercial metric improvements throughout his career.

  • HR consultant: Development of performance, leadership and strategy 
    Dan initially started his consulting career in the late 1990s with Cambridge Consultants, working in a number of different industries and sectors. His remit included search activities, development of competency frameworks, and business reviews and strategic resets. As a consultant, Dan’s focus has been on delivering strategic tools, performance methodology and capacity building designed to engage leaders and employees in a high-performance culture. Dan also provides strategic business advice gleaned from close to 20 years of working with strategic commercial executive teams and market-leading multinational organisations.