Rob Cousins

Senior Consultant
Wellington Office

Rob is able to translate an organisation’s key strategic objectives into clear accountabilities that will drive operational performance at all levels.

Rob is an experienced strategic leader who is able to resolve complex management issues. He has the ability to quickly identify organisational dynamics, and create clear direction and effective communication across the organisation. He is able to translate key strategic objectives into clear accountabilities that will drive the organisation’s operational performance at all levels.

Before joining MartinJenkins in 2012, Rob held several roles at a large UK commercial insurer, including redesigning the technical and procedural governance framework for a $4 billion commercial portfolio with national reach. Rob was also Managing Director of a health and safety company with 200 staff and a $20 million budget; he led a successful strategic transformation of the company, including restructuring it to drive a different style and level of operational performance.

Since joining MartinJenkins Rob has led significant transformation programmes. This has included:

  • designing the approach to change for the criminal court procedure reforms, which required creating cohesion and collaboration across all court participants, including government agencies, the judiciary, and the private law profession

  • creating a new strategic approach for injury prevention at the Accident Compensation Corporation, including developing a cross-government value proposition for ACC and an investment model to guide a portfolio approach to injury prevention investments, and leading the implementation of this work through the department.

Project Examples