Renee Jaine

Wellington Office

A behavioural scientist who combines insights from economics and psychology, Renee understands the drivers shaping decision making and designs effective strategies for change

Renee joined MartinJenkins in May 2018, bringing eight years’ experience in behaviour-change consulting, research analysis, academic work, and communications. She is skilled at defining a client’s challenge, conducting research to get to the heart of the issue, and generating innovative, testable solutions.

Before joining our team, Renee served as Business Director of Ogilvy Change NZ, successfully establishing the New Zealand branch of this international behaviour-change consultancy. In this role she won and delivered projects for numerous public and private sector clients, such as WorkSafe and the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority – designing low-cost, high-impact ‘nudge’ interventions to help teams meet their objectives.

Renee has developed research-backed strategies in a range of areas, such as health and safety, education and healthcare. She has also helped clients bring behavioural science insights into their public-facing communication materials, to drive significant improvements in engagement (open rates for email, for example) and in knowledge recall.

Some of the projects Renee has led include:

•  Researching and designing a series of interventions for public hospitals to improve discharge planning processes and communication between hospital staff and patients, and so drive improvements in patient evaluations and safety outcomes.

•  Developing wide-ranging recommendations for a tertiary education provider to increase course enrolments at a specific campus. Renee drew insights from interviews, observation, marketing materials, and survey data, using them to map the conversion process from awareness to application, and to identify where prospective students may ‘drop off’.

•  Recommending strategies to improve health and safety compliance at a waste management company. The recommendations were based on an extensive literature review and qualitative interviews with stakeholders, and were tiered according to the time and resourcing implications.

Renee holds a Master’s degree (Distinction) in Social Policy from the London School of Economics, where she received the Charles Mostyn Lloyd Award for Outstanding Achievement. She also has a conjoint BCom/BSc in International Business and Physiology, and postgraduate qualifications in Sociology, all from the University of Auckland.

Renee is also an Independent Director for New Zealand Certified Builders.