Rebecca Hollingsworth

Senior Consultant
Wellington Office

An experienced policy adviser, Rebecca has a track record of delivering high-quality policy advice on complex issues and building productive relationships with diverse stakeholders

Rebecca has provided policy advice and support across a range of different subjects, her experience including legislative reviews, supporting clients and stakeholders through collaborative policy processes, and advising Ministers and senior decision-makers. Able to quickly grasp issues and opportunities, Rebecca has a particular aptitude for synthesising information and communicating complex issues to diverse audiences.

Rebecca recently re-joined MartinJenkins after working for the insurance industry in London in 2017. Her work at the Association of British Insurers included, for example, helping health officials to understand the potential implications of Brexit and the future of the European reciprocal health agreement for travel insurance. She also worked closely with senior cyber underwriters and cybersecurity policy officials to identify actions the UK Government could take to support the development of the cyber insurance market.

In her earlier time with MartinJenkins Rebecca’s experience included:

• policy support for the Greater Christchurch Regeneration Act 2016, which established a regeneration planning framework centred on a stronger Crown-Council partnership

• engaging with leaders across government and in the private sector to identify shifts needed in government ICT, as part of a refresh of the all-of-government ICT strategy led by the Government Chief Information Officer

• implementation of the Veterans’ Support Act 2014 – this included developing operational policies, procedures, a staff training programme and communications material

• work with the Ministry for Primary Industries and the Ministry for the Environment to build and facilitate a national collaborative process to identify practical actions for the successful development and implementation of Farm Environment Plans.

Before first joining MartinJenkins in 2014, Rebecca worked as a policy analyst for the Ministry for Primary Industries for four years, where she advised on issues affecting the economic performance of New Zealand’s agricultural sectors. This included reviewing the regulatory regime in the dairy herd improvement (dairy genetics) industry in light of anticipated changes in the industry.