Olivia Sullivan

Senior Consultant
Wellington Office

Olivia is a policy specialist with a track record of delivering high quality advice to decision-makers and Ministers. She excels at tackling complex problems and providing practical solutions.

Olivia has experience in managing policy projects and utilising economic frameworks to produce sound policy and providing advice to senior leadership teams. She has a keen interest in making sure that policy is well thought out and can be easily utilised by organisations.

Olivia is skilled at building strong relationships with people to deliver positive outcomes. She has particular experience working on infrastructure issues and the Canterbury earthquake recovery.

Recent examples of Olivia’s work include:

  •  leading the development of a settlement policy for EQC for increased flooding vulnerability and increased liquefaction vulnerability claims
  • establishing a settlement policy for EQC’s approximately 20,000 multi-unit building claims in Canterbury
  • leading the development of the 2011 National Infrastructure Plan for The Treasury
  • reviewing and providing policy advice on government business assistance programmes.