Nicky Jones

Senior Consultant
Auckland office

Nicky is an organisational development professional with expertise in the Future of Work. She is passionate about supporting organisations to meet future demand by ensuring all of their people practices support their strategic priorities. In particular she has immense experience in strategic alignment, strategic workforce planning and talent management.

With 20 years’ experience across both the public and private sectors, Nicky knows how to zero in on the issues that hold organisations back. She helps clients find the right structure, the right workforce and the right workplace environment to achieve their goals.

Nicky is pragmatic about finding solutions that fit the particular organisation and the particular time, rather than purist responses. She is particularly good at seeing connections across organisations and industries, advising clients on how lessons and solutions from one industry might be used in another to remove barriers and increase performance.

As well as her focus on organisational performance, Nicky has also supported individuals and teams to reach their full potential through coaching and as a group facilitator. In her time with the Leadership Development Centre she coached many senior leaders and supported a number of public service-wide leadership development programmes. She facilitated challenging sessions for leaders around the transformation required to take the public service forward.

Nicky has a keen interest and expertise in the Future of Work and in helping clients anticipate and respond to these changes. She is a co-founder of a Future of Work Alliance group in Auckland, which brings together some of New Zealand’s largest corporates to focus on the opportunities and challenges the Future of Work will bring.

Incurably inquisitive, especially around technological innovation, Nicky loves learning and moving forward, and she helps client organisations do the same. Whether as an in-house professional or as a consultant, Nicky has always enjoyed connecting with the passion that agencies and specialists have for their particular area of work, and supporting them to identify the design solutions and people solutions they need.

Nicky’s previous roles and qualifications

Before joining us in early 2019, Nicky led the design and implementation of the BNZ’s Talent Strategy, which focused on developing and retaining the workforce required for now and into the future. Before that, Nicky led the Leadership and Talent team at the State Services Commission. There she was also the Principal Adviser to the Government Chief Talent Officer, and supported the design and implementation of a public sector-wide Auckland Strategy. Her 12 years in the public sector in organisational development, change management and HR generalist roles included key portfolios such as health, the environment and insurance.

Nicky has a BTSM in Marketing from Victoria University and a Graduate Diploma in Business Studies (HRM) from Massey University. She has also studied Human Centred Design with Stanford’s ‘’ design institute, People Analytics through the University of Pennsylvania, Introduction to Psychology through the University of Toronto, and Foundations of Exponential Thinking with Singularity University.