Aimee van Barneveld

Aimee is a business improvement specialist with a deep commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. This is complemented by her understanding of the balance between process, systems and people.

Aimee’s experience across the public and private sectors enables her to quickly understand and identify challenges and objectives. Her strong operational background allows her to see how to implement policy and frameworks within operational teams, and ensure the benefits of solutions are realised.

She has particular expertise in process improvement tools and techniques and business analysis, and her key focus is on meaningful collaboration to find the right solution. She has experience in a range of business improvement methodologies including LeanSixSigma, Promapp and Project Management Fundamentals.

Aimee’s recent experience at the Environmental Protection Authority included working on projects that involved a wide range of business units, processes, systems and technology solutions, including:

  • coordinating a programme of work to improve processes and business performance in the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms (HSNO) area
  • providing business process related advice to the wider organisation, and ‘guardianship’ of a process repository system
  • acting in the role of Promapp process champion: mapping, training and maintaining
  • assisting management with working towards a culture of continuous improvement.